Cigar-Roller-PhiladelphiaCigar Roller events are performed throughout Philadelphia in Old City, Market Street and the suburbs. The CF Dominicana brand of cigars are featured in every cigar rolling event. Philadelphia cigar roller events are created through detail in planning with rollers that have excellent presentation, speak fluent English, look great and have strong etiquette to fit in with upscale guest lists for over 15 years.

Once the contact form is submitted from this site, we receive the date, the guest count and the type of event which will generate a suggested package of features for your event anywhere in Pennsylvania. Presentation with our cigar rollers is mandatory for any event to create an experience that will guarantee your guests are enamored and engaged. Women have been the most intrigued by the cigar rolling and often take cigars as favors, many don't even smoke. Again it's the experience of the cigar roller at your event that lends towards the upscale visual you are looking for. Other features that the cigar roller can be complemented with is a Cigar Host which is a person that will cut and light cigars for your guests while interacting.

A Host is a good addition to have for larger guest lists like weddings, larger multi-date corporate events, trade shows, etc. Larger guest counts need more servicing and thus, having a cigar host along with your cigar roller is one of the suggested features that often come along with cigar roller events. Whether you have a cigar feature for a wedding, a personal event or corporate event, custom cigar bands are also typically included to express whatever you would like on the cigars and your cigar roller will also have an extra stash of cigar bands to place on the cigars he is creating during the demonstration that evening. The custom cigar bands politely remind everyone who threw the party.