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Cigar Roller events are performed throughout Philadelphia in Old City, Market Street and the suburbs. The CF Dominicana brand of cigars are featured in every cigar rolling event. Philadelphia cigar roller events are created through detail in planning with rollers…

Cigars for Philadelphia Golf, Weddings, Corporate with Custom Cigar Labels (215)909-4809

Cigars for all of our Philadelphia cigar rolling events are the same cigars available to our participating Philadelphia retailers. CF Domninicana is a cigar brand, not a store. As a premium brand, cigars are superior to any cigars made anywhere…

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Cigar servers along with cigar rollers throughout Philadelphia New York Washington, have all been extremely popular as these cigar servers can float the area of the event so guests do not have to approach the table to get a cigar…

Philadelphia Cigar Events

Cigar rollers for events in Philadelphia had been going strong for more than 15 years when the brand originally launched. We have two cigar rollers that roll cigars at events in Philadelphia, Old City and PGA golf destinations Walnut, Wyndmoor, Bala Cynwyd. David and José that are keeping trained cigar rollers that are also residents of Philadelphia. The cigars of course are the same cigars that are imported from the Dominican Republic and brought to your event. The cigar rolling features we perform, also known by our trademark
Cigar Catering ® , maintains our objective to introduce new guests to our brand of premium CF Dominicana Cigars.

Custom cigar bands, cigar rollers and even cigar servers can all be put together for any event in Philadelphia and work especially well for weddings, corporate events and golf outings. Throughout Pennsylvania we have grown to create a following of "Brides to be" as we hear from them for their wedding and hear from them again a year later, we create cigars to announce the new baby. We go into great detail with these custom cigar labels including the weight, inches and name right on the cigar bands custom-designed for the new Mom and Dad. Typically for an upcoming event in PA, you would submit the contact form on the site which will then generate an inquiry to us that will give us the date, location, the amount of guests and the type of event. Our cigar roller event planners will put together a cigar rolling package that will fit your vision for the evening perfectly.

David has been requested now quite often and does a lot of repeat events throughout Philadelphia with a territory that includes cigar rolling events in Baltimore and Washington DC. Familiarity with our repeat clientele over 15 years have more guests enjoying our cigars which led to bringing on Julio from Santiago and a friend of the president of the CF Dominicana brand. Together, these cigar rollers have virtually taken over Philadelphia and have made the CF Domnincana brand the "go to" company for cigar rolling events throughout Pennsylvania.

Each cigar roller at an event is supervised by our in-house event planners so simply call the phone numbers on this homepage for general questions. To get a quote, get the contact form to us and we will respond to you either today and no later than the next business morning. Cigars, custom cigar bands, cigar rollers, and cigar waitresses can all be included together or separately.New introductions to our event features include custom cigar bands that match the color of the bridesmaid's dresses and a real popular feature, the "VIP stash" which are separate cigars rolled only for the Bridal Party or for corporate events, the VIP guests you should inquire about both of these features as they enhance the level of presentation greatly. We look forward to hearing from you.